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“A strategy is more than just a piece of paper”
The current strategy of ITU will run out by the end of 2021. Therefore, management at ITU has begun preparing for a new strategy, and now it is time for all of us to get involved. In this interview Vice Chancellor, Martin Tvede Zachariasen, talks about the process of writing a new strategy, and why it is important that we all contribute.
ITU Board of Directors Meeting
The next Board of Directors meeting takes place on November 19, 2020, at 14:00.

At the meeting will - among other things - strategic activities for 2021 and the budget proposal 2021 be considered.

The agenda and publicly available material will be available by clicking below. 
Election 2020 - Who Can You Vote For?
Candidate lists the ITU Election 2020 have now been published. Find out who you can vote for at

Remember the deadline for submission of coalition lists/electoral pacts, request for allotment of list designation, objection to candidates and withdrawal of candidate nominations is November 20 at noon.
An Insightful Coffee Break: ITU Launches a Line of Talks on Digital Transformation
In a new series of live streamed talks, the IT University will present new perspectives on IT to professionals working with digitalisation and transformation. Under the headline ITU ESPRESSO, the series will go off as a line of concentrated coffee breaks.

These talks will keep you abreast and expand your knowledge of what is on the future-facing agenda of digitalisation.
Join Microsoft Denmark's Graduate Night
If you're ready to empower your career within the field of business and technology, we welcome you to sign up for our virtual Microsoft Aspire Experience event on December 1 at 17.00. 

At the event you will gain insights into your possibilities within the Microsoft Aspire Experience programme and who we are looking for to shape the future of our company and to spark the next waves of disruptive innovation. 

The event will include a presentation of Microsoft, a virtual tour of our office and the opportunity to talk to some of our colleagues from various business areas during two network sessions.
New Partnership with Contractbook!
We are really excited to present a new collaboration here at ITU. We at Startup Programme, ITU's student startup incubator and accelerator, have entered into a partnership with Contractbook, which is a digital contract management platform where you can manage the entire lifecycle of your contracts in one flow.

Our startups will get a full license – paid by us – for an entire year that they can use to manage all their agreements and contracts and also to sign contracts with nemID in a compliant manner. 

Anyone can also signup and get contract templates by the way, so we do recommend you check it out even if you’re not part of our programme!
Unannounced Evacuation Exercise at EHK
In relation to the evacuation exercise last Thursday (November 12) at DR, FM was not able to coordinate the date for this exercise in due time with DR, so that we could announce it in the weekly edition of ReadIT.

In the future, FM will make sure to coordinate the time for these exercises in due time, so that it can be announced in ReadIT as we usually do. 
The exercise lasted only for approx. 10 minutes; it is also the goal in the future to complete the exercises in less than 10 minutes.

Among other things, it was noted that the voice notification is only in Danish. This will be corrected as soon as possible.

ITU Student